Our Story

Our Story
June 10, 2016 VeganMafia2016

Our Story so far…

As a family we became vegans some fourteen years ago. And over the years as our health improved, we never looked back. Veganism is a commitment, and with most commitments, it takes a family to help you to succeed

For years, we ate food, not fit for human consumption. One day, my wife just had enough. She announced, “The next time we go shopping, we won’t be buying meat.” Naturally, as a big meat eater, I protested, but finally reasoned, this was just another one of her fad diets to get us on the right track. So the next grocery-shopping trip, I played along, we bought no meat, dairy, or dairy by-products, nada.

The following week I thought her little fad diet moment had passed. So, when we went grocery shopping, while she and our young daughter headed for the produce department, I headed for the meat department. When I threw into our cart two packs of hamburger, several chickens, and three packs of bacon, she shot me a look that still-hunts me to this day. “Dear, we’re not eating that stuff anymore, remember?” I pretended I had forgotten; she knew I hadn’t. I returned the meat and believe me, it was like saying goodbye to my best friend.

That was fourteen years ago. How have we faired? Are we truly healthier? Yes, yes we are. I lost over forty pounds, and have kept it off. My wife has lost more than thirty pounds and has not gained it back. Our two healthy children, my oldest was being raised vegetarian prior to starting our vegan journey and my youngest has never eaten meat or dairy products or its by-products, and they both love vegan meals and treats.

How have we remained so focused? We are a family that cares about one another. Yes, many times it does takes a family to keep you centered. Our vegan journey began with the first step on that faithful day in 2001, we learned a lot along the way and fortunately we are vegans for life.

As the Vegan Mafia, we invite you to join our family. We make and sell vegan themed items to remind you how live food leads to healthy living. We love to cheer you on to a healthier lifestyle, please take a closer look at our Vegan Mafia products. It is our hope you will see the benefits of a Vegan’s way of life and buy a product that will help keep you inspired and maybe inspire someone you love. If you are a vegan, welcome to the family. Even if veganism isn’t a way of life for you, we welcome you to our family too and maybe we can inspire you to give veganism a try.

We hope you will purchase our products, so you can speak volumes about veganism and healthy eating without saying a word. Thank you for stopping by and reading our story.

Our Story