September 23, 2016 VeganMafia2016


It’s always great to see someone work so hard to help another person reach their best selves. But with Jacfruits, the awesome vegan fitness training business ran by Jacquelyn Son, it’s taken to a whole new level. She pushes her clients not with force, but continually reminds them of their potential, how close they are to their next goal. She encourages them, and best of all, teaches them how to encourage, motivate and push themselves. Better yet, she’s not about fad diets, or lose-the-weight-in-a-month programs; instead, she wants the person to examine their life with the big picture in mind, and is passionate about them pursuing long-term, life-long health.

So, how does she do it? For one, with veganism – a diet fully focused on plant-based foods. However, for Jacquelyn, veganism is not just something you try for a year, or reserved for weight loss interests only. She truly believes in the fundamental health of veganism for every aspect of life – physically, mentally, emotionally – something we believe in, too. Healthy living is achieved by a step-by-step, fundamental change of one’s overall life; one that adapts to the needs of the individual, and serves them the rest of their lives – before, during, and after one’s fitness goals are achieved. It’s so great to see Jacquelyn not only passionately stand behind that belief, but help other people realize it in their own lives too.

Interested? Jacfruits offers several services to help people achieve their health goals from teaching people to go vegan, eliminate emotional eating andonline coaching and personal training.  Be sure to check out her cookbook, Don’t Kale Me! Recipe & Nutrition Guide – filled with great recipes and helpful tips to keep you focused and encouraged during your new journey. And although it’s designed with new vegans in mind, we’ve found delicious recipes that are quickly becoming our go-to meals – and we’ve been vegan for over 14 years.

The key focus of Jacfruits is life transformation. Jacquelyn says it best, “True health ain’t about diets or exercise; it’s about first transforming your mind.”

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